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The Beginning

Timothy R. Poe Studio

I want to hide objective reasoning, where subjective reason might stand in the forefront. Art courts the physic, most respond to color emotionally. Color, form and symbols interpreted by culture and experience, we reason and feel thru subjective and objective reasoning. These windows of abstract color and form I produce are a behind the looking glass effort, a photo mosaic where neuroscience and imagination create opportunity for personal introspection, consideration of other dimensions, life just out side of our present existence. Where our bodies are a composite of all of the elements of our universe and when looking through the glass, one might consider the origin of our existence, we see ourselves, in the art, a reflection of creation.

A experiential transition to my current style of Eglomise’ with reflective elements / reverse painting on plate glass mirror began in 1994 when the Birmingham Museum of Art sponsored an exhibition of the Pilchuck Glass School Artists featuring Dale Chihuly. The summer of the same year I attended a session at the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle learning lead crystal casting techniques. After completion of a degree in Art Studio at the University of Alabama here in Birmingham I began my tenure as fine artist in June of 1996 establishing a hot glass / multi media studio in a space in the former Republic Steel facility in the confines of Wade Sand & Gravel here in Birmingham. Robin and Caroline Wade provided the space where I continue my work. In 2005 my primary medium was cast and blown glass, it was my ninth year at the Republic Steel Works Studio, pondering the what next, what would be the next style and or medium to explore? In the spring of 2005, a local interior designer contacted me to ask if I could antique a large mirror for her home? “ I have never done this Betty but, will give it a try… just for you”! Through experimentation and a few serendipitous experiences, I discovered a unique way to tarnish the reflective coating on plate glass mirror, developing an alkaline gel that allowed the reflective coating to tarnish / etch without using acid. I reasoned that an antiqued mirror surface might also have objects imprinted into the mirrors reflective coating. This was the initial introduction of my efforts to create the look of an aged / distressed mirrored surface using new plate glass mirror, making a positive impact on the world of design and the lives of those who have adopted the techniques to produce unique objects that reflect light, project light and color, the reflective coating of the mirror became an element of design, perhaps an 8th element… My current style of Eglomise’ with reflective elements / reverse painting on plate glass mirror came out of this antique mirror experience, incorporating experience of previous years of decorative and abstract painting and sculpture into a unique proprietary style of art. I will continue to find opportunity to work in the various mediums, including, cast glass, metal, wood, etc. What the idea calls for, I will find…

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