Eglomise’ with Reflective Elements

This, my current primary of work, Eglomise’ with reflective elements /reverse painting with plate glass mirror.  New clear mirror of flat plate glass panels  have a reflective coating applied on one side of the glass, the back of the mirror. This mirrored surface is the canvas where the silver coating on the back of the plate glass is distressed / degraded by applying a solution of an alkaline chemical / liver of sulphur.  Some of the reflective coating is lost in process creating “windows” of clear glass. I then paint this surface using various techniques to achieve the desired effect.

Color and form are not controlled by my determination to create anything that would resemble an exact representation of the natural world, or the heavens for that matter, although a view through the looking glass into another world, a world outside of our own.  I want to hide objective reasoning, where subjective reason might stand in the forefront.

Art courts the physic by way of color, form and feeling.  We respond to color emotionally, if one can visually intemperate and or imagine.  Color and symbols are interpreted by way of culture and experience, we reason and feel by way of objective reasoning. The windows of abstract color and form in these flat glass panels are a behind the looking glass experience, a photo mosaic where neuroscience and imagination create opportunity for a personal subjective / emotional perspective of our world,  dimensions just out of view and perhaps life just out side of our present existence. Where our bodies are a composite of all of the elements of our universe and when looking through the glass, one might reflect and consider the origins of human existence, we see ourselves in the art, a reflection of creation.


From the top of the composition toward the bottom, the bands of color have a more than less horizontal plane. The compositions intention is to read sky, water and land from top to bottom. The bands of color and remaining reflection blend adding texture, form and movement in the composition. I work wet on wet / fluid clear medium blended with pure color, the process is fast compared to traditional styles of painting. One must visualize what is happening on the front of the glass when face down on the table, the blended colors cannot be overworked otherwise they become muddy, without variation in tone and intensity.

The work is textural, the bands of color mingle with the lighter and darker reflective elements and form a view of the natural environment / the out of doors, a landscape. They will have varied degrees of true reflection or silver reflecting out and where the adjacent color pulls the eye into the composition. An abstract view of a pastoral scene.


These are examples of my Eglomise’ with reflective elements that are textural in form and color. Each panel has a specific asymmetric pattern and color that may be altered if desired. This textural form of my work may be used for a custom project. Contact me...


These are examples of my conceptual style of Eglomise’ with reflective elements. When the 7 elements of design, asymmetric balance, color, form, etc., are present in an object of art then, it may be complete. Although, an 8th element of reflection may transpose the object to another level of perspective. An idiomatic perspective; a position between the obvious and subliminal. This body of work, this particular, proprietary style of my work, follow life’s experience where applying the techniques remains satisfying. Painting wet on wet, spontaneous actions of application of color mediums, where the effects of chroma, texture of color have depth and brightness that “reflect” the natural world and or perhaps, other worlds. Any intention of action preceding technique, where yes there may be intention but, follow a spontaneous faithful action only to inspire emotion / divine thought.