3D/Cast Glass/Multimedia

Cast glass a living medium, wrought from earth and fire. The figure cast in glass only enhances the life presence in the form. These objects were cast from living models using derma gel / latex impressions producing a negative of the face and from then a wax positive from the negative mold. Ceramic, sand or silica plaster mold materials formed around the wax producing a negative casting mold, one where lead crystal or soda lime glass flowed into the mold by kiln casting or poured into mold with molten glass having the consistency of honey. The object were up to 8 inches thick and some remained in the annealing oven for more than 14 days. In my perspective, the figure, especially the face as a singular object, as metaphor, can become a bit cliche’ , difficult to transpose into an object of art that functions as a dichotomy of critical objective observation. Adding other materials / shapes and forms can add perspective and content. Although, I hope this body of work with cast glass if figurative and or abstract might offer an emotive response, where one might relate or reflect their own personal reality to the composition, realizing a present or distant memory.