"Light travels on a straight plane / a straight line until the electrons meet a mass of resistance. Light may then curve depending on the type and nature of the influence."

Welcome to Timothy R Poe Studio

The month of June 1996 my tenure as a working artist began, after completing a B.A. in Art Studio from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Further back, a 4 year enlistment in the Coast Guard 1978-82, I established an antique furniture restoration business in Galveston, Tx. Departed Galveston for Birmingham in 1989, and my goal was set to become a working artist, a creator of never before seen objects of art. I worked as a decorative painter while pursuing my degree, specializing in graining and marbling. This time was the early 90’s and I had yet to decide on a particular medium to apply my efforts as artist. During the summer of 1993, the Birmingham Museum of Art presented a show by the Pilchuck Glass School artists. A year later I was accepted to attend a session at Pilchuck near Seattle, observing various techniques during this time, focusing on a special casting technique with lead crystal. Three years later Mr. Robin Wade offered a building in the confines Wade Sand & Gravel where I established a working glass /multi-media studio in the confines of Wade Sand and Gravel, a building that had been a part of the Republic Steel Works established in 1888 within the confines of the quarry. June 6th 2018, I will observe my 22nd year at my studio in the former coal testing lab & shed within the quarry.

The images on this my web site are but a brief time-line of my experience in life as artist, everyone has a life story and the site you are now visiting is the visual story of my tenure as artist and a remembrance of the thought processes and life’s experience during the particular time.